The IaaS delivery model of cloud computing can provide on-demand computing, storage and networking, as well as applications, all of which can be seamlessly integrated into an organisation’s existing IT infrastructure.

The premise of IaaS is to give organisations the option of adding capacity or installing a new IT infrastructure without the need to buy or install costly hardware, which takes up additional manpower, space and power. The whole data centre infrastructure is provided over the cloud.

This is one of the greatest benefits of cloud computing:

To allow organisations access to IT infrastructure in the form of virtual resources without spending thousands in capital in order to build and operate an actual IT infrastrucure. You only need to pay for the resources that you plan to use, which allows for great flexibility and scalability.

Cloud Instances

Our cloud Instances come with great features

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    All-flash Instances

    SSD based cloud instances are standard so you do not have to worry about IO latency anymore.

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    You will have a dedicated dashboard where you can manage the lifecycle of your cloud instances.

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    OS Templates

    The golden images will be setup with cloud packages for easier deployment and further options.

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    Snapshots are a point-in-time copy of your hard disk contents.

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    High Availability

    Every cloud instance is setup in an HA configuration in case a physical compute node fails.

Cloud Storage

Companies of every size have different storage capacity requirements but they all need storage in some form.

With our object storage solution, you will have peace of mind on availability and capacity at all times. Save your files on your local system in the office and sync them to our cloud storage via a synchronization agent. Access your files from anywhere in the world through your web browser, as traffic is encrypted during transit and at rest.