About Us


Zyla Computing was set up to deliver IT infrastructure services to various businesses with a main focus on the Gaming Telecommunications and FinTech sectors.

The original services were focused only on the standard hardware provisioning model by deploying hardware appliances and mainstream hypervisors installed on servers and interconnected by ethernet switches/firewalls.


Zyla Computing has now evolved to offer cloud services via Zyla Cloud.

Our customers are now able to deploy compute instances, mailboxes and object storage in a couple of seconds, all managed within a web portal. For larger IaaS deployments, virtual data centres can be configured where our customers can provision different subnets and deploy different appliances according to their needs. This virtual data centre concept can also be provisioned on dedicated hardware to meet certain legislation requirements. Zyla Cloud not only makes it easier for companies to manage their resources and infrastructure, but it also facilitates and accelerates the setup of start-ups. We are constantly adding new and improved preconfigured images, to be readily available for deployment. Zyla Cloud uses TLS to secure data in transit and distributed scale-out storage for disk and node failures.

We are committed to offering the best of quality and security.